Business Development

The last decade decreasing margins in production and sales have presented a strategic challenge for the utility industry. With experience and market overview we support you in the following tasks:

  • Market analysis and studies
  • Evaluation of available aid payments and subsidies
  • Business cases and economic feasability studies
  • Project management entering new products and markets
  • Brainstorming Workshops
  • Process optimization of existing business segments
Geothermiekraftwerk CC BY-SA Claus Ableiter
Beratung Risikomanagement

Risk Management

At Company Level:

  • Preparation of risk manuals
  • Writing of organizational manuals
  • Revision of the risk management process and risk catalogs
  • Implementation of a risk management according to KonTraG
  • Implementation of a liquidity forecasts
  • Implementation of an ISMS

For Sales Activities:

  • Scoring and screening your customers
  • Optimization of dunning procedures and non-payment and insolvency processes
  • Risk pricing

For Trading Activities:

  • Implementing transparent portfolio structures
  • Separation of functions and adequate control processes according to MaRisk
  • Documented, transparent market-oriented internal transfer prices
  • Trading and risk reports with appropriate risk characteristics
  • Automation of REMIT reporting processes
  • Implementation of price, risk management and reporting databases
  • Automation of daily processes and reporting

Method Development

We assist you in the development and optimization of methods and quantitative procedures.


For Risk Management:

  • Key indicators for managing market price risks, counterparty risks and liquidity risk
  • HPFC and DFC forward price curves
  • Quarter-hourly risk and cost of the balancing circle deviation
  • Risk assessment procedures such as VAR and Credit-VAR
  • Pricing of risk in sales contracts
  • Optimizing the dispatch of production facilities

For the Sales Department:

  • Conversion and consolidation of tariff structures with scenario calculations and risk assessments
  • Statistical analysis
Analyse Beratung

Analysis & Data Mining

We help you to analyze load and price data, assist you in scoring and screening your customers, improve your forecasting and forecasting processes and develop a profitable online business by:

  • Performing statistical analysis
  • Time series analysis and forecasts
  • Analysis of load and price data
  • Analysis of customer data
  • Optimization of forecasting procedures

Energy Procurement

We support utilities and industrial companies in their energy procurement:

  • Elaboration and documentation of procurement strategies
  • Consulting services related to procurement by tender
  • Assessment of procurement contracts and market access agreements
  • Quantification of balancing energy and volume risks
  • Implementation of trading signals and stop-loss and take-profit limits
  • Statistical evaluations to support decision-making
Diem Energiehandel Beratung

Energy Trading

We support your energy trading activities:

  • Optimization and automation of trading processes according to the requirements of REMIT and MaRisk
  • Cleaning up trading data and improving data quality based on the portfolio management system
  • Implementation of batch processes to generate price curves, open positions and risk characteristics
  • Implementation of daily reporting processes with market to market and credit lines evaluations
  • Generating cash flow forecasts and a liquidity forecast


Production and heat supply has become complicated for industrial companies as well as for energy suppliers. We assist you with the following questions:

  • Is the facility qualified for "Lokale Direktvermarktung"?
  • Does it make sense to switch to biomass?
  • Are modernization measures profitable given the actual cogeneration subsidies?
  • Is the dispatch of the facility optimal?
  • What is the possible contribution of EEG facilities to system services? And how does this work?
  • What is "Mieterstrom" (tenant electricity)?
  • And what are the best options for wind energy trading?
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Beratung Fernwaerme

Asset Pricing & District Heating

We support you in:

  • Optimal dispatch and optimal hedging of power plant production in the energy markets
  • End-of-year valuation of assets and plants
  • Economic evaluation of investments and projects
  • Structuring of district heating prices and  hedging of related risk positions (eg HEL)
  • Design of associated internal transfer prices
  • Implementation of p&l and risk reporting

Business Process Reengineering

"Historically-grown" work processes like

  • Manual copying
  • Information transfer with email and Excel
  • Or even on paper ...

often throw a spanner in the works.


We support you with:

  • Management interviews and workshops in order to evaluate the current situation
  • Documentation of processes in flow diagrams and BPMN
  • Reorganization of organizational structure and work processes aiming to improve costs, quality, service and lead time
  • Redesign of organization structure, job descriptions, work instructions and operating instructions
  • Training of employees, organizing transfer of knowlegde and responsibility

We help you improve your IT infrastructure with:

  • Requirements analysis and writing of specifications
  • User survey and the creation of use cases
  • Implementation of quantitative methods and procedures
  • Successful, implementation-oriented project management