Seminars & Workshops for the Utility Industry

Develop the expertise of your employees with our seminars and workshops on many current topics in the energy industry! Here you will find examples of seminars and workshops, which can be adapted as in-house events to your wishes and needs.

Energiewirtschaftlicher Workshop Vertrieb

Workshop Sales

Presentation of market-oriented sales models and elaboration of an optimal solution for your company.

Workshop on Dispatch and Hedging of Power Plant Production

Presentation of potential revenue on different markets, hedging processes and strategies and elaboration of an optimal strategy for your assets.

Kraftwerk Einsatzoptimierung Seminar
Projektmanagement Use-Cases

Workshop Project Management

Interactive training to prepare for management or work in IT-related projects

Best Practice Risk Management

Management of market risks, credit risks, liquidity risks, operational risks, volume risks, IT and legal risks. Calculation of risk surcharges in sales.

Seminar Risikomanagement
Energiewirtschaftliche Seminare - Einführung in die Energiewirtschaft

Introduction into  the Energy Sector

Basic training for beginners and newcomers in the energy industry. Overview of the market design of the regulated energy industry.

Balancing Electricity & Gas

Market roles, communication channels, pricing and deadlines in the electricity and gas balancing scheme, according to KoV VIII, Gabi Gas 2.0 and MaBis.

Waage Bilanzkreismanagement
Fernwärmeleitung überirdisch

Introduction into the Heat Market

Heating technologies, EEG heat, cogeneration and heat generation, customer side regulation (AVB Fernwärme), hedging of oil and coal indexes, new business units in CHP and district heating.

Seminar Emission Trading

Kyoto Protocol, affected countries and burden sharing, allocation mechanisms, products and trading markets, (legal) risks.

Seminar CO2-Handel